Hydas Shoulder and Neck Heating Pad

heated-wrapAnother one of my most recent, favourite purchases, is my Heated neck and shoulder pad.  It is absolute heaven and certainly decreases the chronic pain in my neck and shoulders. I highly recommend this product to anyone else suffering pain in these areas.

As many of you will know, since April, I have been suffering with pain in my neck and shoulders which is sending pain down my arms. I am still waiting to see a shoulder specialist and hope to get some relief with a pain killing injection (as I am unable to take oral painkillers). In the meantime I am getting relief from my heated neck and shoulder pad. It is  certainly much easier than trying to prop a hot water bottle behind my shoulders which keeps sliding down when I move and having to refill with hot water every now and then. The pad has 4 levels of heat and I find that the 4th level is the perfect temperature for me. It automatically switches off after 120 minutes (I expect in case you nod off).

I really don’t know what I would do without it now as the wrap around heat allows me to use it not only when I’m relaxing watching the TV but while I am working on my computer. It has a magnetic clip which keeps it in place. The heat fully covers the whole of the shoulders and the extra high neck flap extends the warmth high up the neck (not all heat pads have this).wrap

You can detach the wires to move around the house and it does stay warm for a while. Because the controller is removable it means you can wash it.

Here is the link to buy this product for anyone who also suffers with neck and shoulder pain