Online Surveys – You can earn extra money or points for taking part in Market Research on-line.  Here is a list of companies that you can apply to.

MySurvey UK
My Survey is a consumer panel made up of individuals who have volunteered to participate in Market Research studies.My Survey is a website where panel members can part in online research, update their information and redeem their My Survey Points for gifts and charity donations. My Survey is owned and operated by the market research firm Lightspeed Research which operates and performs research in almost every country in the world.

At My Survey, consumer opinions count in a big way! Innovations inspired by consumer opinion research include air bags, anti-lock brakes, cash reward credit cards, and child-proof safety caps, to name a few.These results are routinely reported in publications such as the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, and other international publications.

New Vista Live
As a member of newvista live you are financially rewarded for participating in t heir surveys and enjoy several other benefits.  Their surveys are designed to be interesting and varied and participation allows members to express their views on issues that are important to them.  Click Here to see the testimonials

Global ePanel IPSOS
Ipsos work with a wide range of organisations to carry out research projects.  Members of the Ipsos Access Panels are asked to participate in this research to help organisations answer their business and policy questions.

As a member you will be invited to take part in surveys about various topics.  You will receive surveys on all sorts of topics, including some which collect your opinion on ideas for new products, your usage of current products and how you use different services offered by organisations.

Taking part in surveys is voluntary, but you can answer each survey only once. The answers you provide are combined with other people’s answers and are used to help businesses make decisions about their products and services.  The number of survey invitations you receive will vary.  On some occsions they will close the survey before you have answered it; this happens when they have a large number of people who have already responded to it.  On these occasions, you’ll receive notice that a survey is closed.

Here are the links to a couple of reviews for ipsos I found on the internet.

Harris Interactive
Another trusted Market Research Company.  On-Line testers wanted to evaluate websites and products and receive great rewards.  You receive invitations to interesting surveys.  You receive credits for your participation called E-points, which you can exchange for incentives, e.g. from Amazon.  The participation in their projects (as with all of them on this page) are voluntary and not binding.  You will definitely not receive any advertising or spam.  All the survey results are evaluated anonymously.  They are members of several recognised organisations and abide by their data protection regulations and the ethical guidelines relevant to Market Research Studies.


Nielsen is the largest Market Research firm in the world with more than 80 years of history.  They are leaders in TV & Radio measurement, fast consumer products monitoring and many more.
It’s quick and easy to register your details and install the Nielsen internet software.  The panel software allows Nielsen to gain an overall understanding of internet usage and behaviour and deliver periodic surveys relevant to you.
Once you become a member you will automatically be entered into a monthly £1,000 prize draw!  Stay active on the panel and enter a £2,500 quarterly or £5,000 annual prize draw!

Your actions and personal data are 100% confidential and the software does not interfere or affect your computers in any way.

Populus Live Surveys

As a member you will be financially rewarded for participating in all of their surveys as well as enjoying many other benefits!  Their surveys are designed to be interesting and varied allowing you to express your thoughts on a wide selection of topics.  UK residents aged 16 or older are invited to register.

The amount you are paid for each survey will depend upon the average length of time it takes to complete the questionnaire.  Typically populuslive payse £1 for every 5 minutes you spend completing online surveys.  1 reward point = £1.  Once you have accumulated 50 points they send you a cheque for £50 at the next payment date. Thereafter with each 50 points you accumulate they will make a further payment of £50.  There is also a £250 prize draw each month.

Toluna Surveys

The site that lets you voice your opinion and learn what other people think!

You earn points which are a form of virtual currency, awarded to Toluna members.  You will receive your initial 500 points when you sign up for Toluna.  Once you are an active member, there are many different ways for you to earn additional points.  You can convert your points into vouchers.  The vouchers are for facebook credits, Nintendo points, Amazon vouchers, love2shop, Debenhams, The First Club, CD Wow, Halfords, HMV, plus you can use your points to purchase prize draw tickets.

If you enjoy and are interested in surveys and polls then is the ideal site for you.  – Its definately worth taking a look.  You can even download an app to your iphone so that you can participate in polls and give opinions on the go.  Great to do while you are waiting in a doctors surgery or commuting