‘Is what I am experiencing domestic abuse?’

Many people think that domestic abuse is when one person within a couple is suffering violence from the other.  They are right.  But domestic abuse is not just about physical violence, it takes many forms and they include:

  • Sexual
  • Emotional
  • Financial
  • Psychological

Domestic abuse does not only happen between male and female partners.  It happens to anyone in an intimate or family type relationship.

It affects all sections of society regardless of age, nationality, gender, sexuality, financial standing and religion.  Women are most often the victims but this does not mean that men do not also suffer at the hands of their female partners and it also happens within same-sex relationships.


Domestic abuse has a devastating effect on those who are abused and on the children of those who are abused.  Physical injuries are most immediately visible but the damage to self confidence, feelings of self worth, mental health and wellbeing and the ability of the victim to even cope with what most of us would see as normal life runs deep and people who suffer abuse can feel that they have completely lost any power or control over their own lives and find it hard to imagine they will ever be able to regain it.

Who are Safer Places?

Safer Places is a registered charity with over 30 years experience working with people who have suffered domestic abuse and can provide the support and practical help that is needed, we can offer:

  1. Safe accommodation within a refuge for women and their children who need to leave home.
  2. Support within the community through drop-in and one to one support from an experienced support worker for those who cannot or do not choose to leave their homes or need help to plan how best to do that and to keep themselves and their children safe.
  3. Emotional Support and counselling and specialist programmes to help those living with or fleeing from abuse to come to terms with their experience and give them the tools and strength to get out of or avoid abusive relationships in the future.
  4. Practical support, advice and signposting about benefits, housing, debt, children, safety and any other needs the person may have.
  5. Opportunities for training, education and employment support including the chance to gain City and Guild qualifications within a supportive environment where many of our clients have achieved results they never thought they could.
  6. Legal advice and counselling.
  7. Specialist services for people who have extra needs through our specialist refuge which supports women with mental health, drug, alcohol or other challenges to face in addition to domestic abuse.
  8. Accommodation and support for people with disabilities who may have particular accommodation or other needs.

If you or someone you know or are working with is suffering from domestic abuse give us a call and see what we can do to support you and how we can work together to build a safer, brighter future.

Our number:  0845 0177 668 and you can call any time night or day.  If you are in immediate danger however always ring 999 first and get help.