Menopause Support CIC

Menopause Support CIC is committed to ensuring that all women receive up to date advice according to the current UK Guidelines for menopause so that that they can make an informed choice about the management of their menopause.

We also raise funds to be able to produce more resources to help women and their families cope with their menopause symptoms and the effect it can have.

Started by menopause expert and campaigner Diane Danzebrink, Menopause Support has now grown into a movement.

We have a private support group on Facebook which has almost 18,000 members from all over the world.

We have a campaign petition which was launch at Westminster to cross-party support which has almost 125,000 signatures in support of the three aims which are: –

1.  Mandatory GP education on menopause (currently this is not the case)

2.  A workplace policy for women experiencing menopause symptoms and feeling they have no choice but to leave their jobs and careers due to lack of support and understanding in their place of work.

3.  For menopause to be added to the curriculum in schools in RSE lessons- We were delighted to hear in July 2019 that this had been achieved and would be added to the curriculum in England from September 2020.

You can get advice and support via our website  All our resources are free to access.

We also provide 1-1 consultation with trained menopause advisors. For more information please email on

We are also launching our new Instagram page in March which you can follow now on @themenopausesupport which will have daily posts with lots of helpful advice, tips, signposting, experts offering useful information etc.

Please sign and share our petition-

If you are a woman, know a woman or love a woman- we must be the generation to #makemenopausematter