This is something different to do and which we highly recommend for a great, inexpensive, family day out. It keeps the kids entertained and they have a great time exploring. new places.   Its not only fun but healthy and educational.  It adds an exciting dimension to a walk and its excellent value for money.  Am I gushing too much?  It’s only because we love them. You can very easily download and print a Treasure Trail yourself from the website for £6.99 or get one posted to you for £6.99 plus p&p. We find it is an excellent way of discovering an area and learning a little bit of history, even areas you think you know well because these trails usually take you off the beaten track exploring the alley ways and backstreets that you wouldn’t necessarily find if just walking. There is a huge variety of locations and over 1,000 treasure trails to choose from across the UK.  Each trail is clear and well explained.  They are suitable for all ages from 6 upwards. There is a free mobile phone text service for clue answers, if you get really stuck, which ensures that no mystery goes unsolved. There is even a chance to win some real treasure as all correct answers are entered into the monthly £100 prize draw. There are three themes:
  • Murder Mystery Trail – Discover “Who done it”
  • Treasure Hunt – Discover the location of the buried treasure.
  • Spy Mission – Complete the mission like a true secret agent.
Most of the trails are walking trails but there are also some driving and cycling trails. The walking trails are 2.5 miles.  Cycling trails are 8 miles and the Driving trails are 16 miles. You solve a series of clues (normally 20-15) to solve the mystery whilst taking in a scenic walk in your own time.
  • Great to do in your local area or on holidays in Britain
  • Interesting, informative and challenging to various degrees.
  • Great way to engage children in their surroundings
  • Fantastic activity to get the family out in the fresh air, exploring and getting exercise and you learn lots about the places you visit.
More information and download your Trail here Take a look at the you tube video here