Learning bridge opens up a whole new world. It keeps your brain active and introduces you to many new friends.

Bridge Club - Hatfield Heath
Our relaxed and friendly classes are for two hours and are a mix of tutorial and play with a break for a drink, a biscuit and a chat.

“Beginners” Classes

Tuesday evenings starting 7.30 pm 24th September 2013

If you already play bridge but would like to

improve your game you may enjoy our

“Improvers ” Classes

Monday evenings starting 7.30 pm 23rd September 2013

“Intermediate” Classes

Tuesday evenings starting 7.30 pm 24th September 2013

For more information contact:

Brian & Penny Hassell

Tel: 01279 721428Email: Hassells2@gmail.com

Learning to play bridge

Most people who come to bridge classes are between 50 and 75 and do so because they want to improve their social lives and playing bridge gives ample opportunity for that.

There are many bridge clubs in our area meeting every day of the week except Saturday. That’s the day for the innumerable social games played at home accompanied by tea and cake or sometimes supper and wine – your choice!

Anyone can learn though it is easier for people who are familiar with cards. If you know what the suits are and have played any sort of card game with your children or grandchildren especially if these are trick taking games you should be fine.

Our lessons start at the very beginning and while we do follow a programme designed by the EBUTA (English Bridge Union Teachers Assoc.) we can alter the pace to suit the needs of the group. Everyone is invited to come along to their first class without obligation. Obviously we hope that people will enjoy it and will decide to sign up for the first six weeks. If, however, they decide that bridge is not for them there is no problem and nothing is owed.

Course Fees:  Weekly lessons cost £7.50 and students pay in advance for 6 week blocks i.e. £45.00. For students who prefer to pay termly the price is reduced to £7.00 per week and is thus £84 for a 12 week term. Students also need the course work book available in class at a cost of £25.00.

The Friendly Friday Club

Meets approximately twice each month and was begun especially for our students. There is a separate section for new students who wish to practise together with helpers on hand to give help and advice where needed.

Through bridge we have made many new friends because bridge players tend to be very sociable people. If this appeals we would be pleased to hear from you.

Penny & Brian Hassell Tel: 01279 721428Email: Hassells2@gmail.com