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Mystery Shopping Companies

Here are a list of  Mystery Shopping companies that recruit people to take part in Mystery shops/dines etc.  I have worked for some of these companies but not all.  Some companies will be currently taking on new evaluators and...

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Mystery Shopping Tips

Tips on applying to become a Mystery Shopper When you first contact a Mystery Shopping agency you will fill in an application form on their website or in some cases they will send you an application form in the post or by email....

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Qualities of a Good Mystery Shopper

 Qualities of a Good Mystery Shopper Mystery shopping agencies require people from all walks of life, age, (although usually do not take on anyone younger than 18), race, gender etc regardless and in areas all over the country...

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Mystery Shopping Scams

Legitimate mystery shopping opportunities are out there, but so are plenty of scams.  If an opportunity is genuine, you won’t have to pay an application fee or deposit a cheque or wire money to someone else. Don’t do business...

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