Tips on applying to become a Mystery Shopper

When you first contact a Mystery Shopping agency you will fill in an application form on their website or in some cases they will send you an application form in the post or by email.

I must warn you they do ask for quite a lot of detail but, unfortunately it is necessary to enable the agency to assign work to match their needs and scenarios as some agencies will require, for instance, an older couple to evaluate a restaurant one month then the next would require a family with young children.

Sometimes, when you apply to an agency for the first time you are asked to complete a mock evaluation form.  This is so that the agency can test your writing and observational skills as well as ability to follow instructions and meet deadlines. This report determines whether they will take you on as a mystery shopper so you should make sure that you check your spelling and grammar and read through the report making sure it is clear and concise paying attention to detail before submitting it.

Some of the agencies will ask you why you think you would make a good Mystery Shopper and you should include, in your answer, some of the qualities I have listed below.  In fact before applying to any companies it is advisable to read the next article.

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