Further views of residents and businesses are being invited on the introduction of public spaces protection orders (PSPOs) which will target antisocial behaviour in the Town Centre.

The Council has extended the consultation time on the PSPOs, which began last month. The proposed PSPOs would prohibit dangerous cycling, alcohol consumption outside of licensed premises and antisocial ball games within the Town Centre. The Town Centre PSPOs would be the first of their kind in the town.

The Council has already received some views from the consultation. However, the Council believes that it needs a broader viewpoint so an additional short survey has been created on the proposed orders. The consultation now runs until 12 April 2019.

The consultation can be completed online atwww.harlow.gov.uk/pspo; alternatively, you can submit your response by emailingcontact@harlow.gov.uk or in writing to Community Protection Consultation, Community Safety, Harlow Council, Civic Centre, Water Gardens, Harlow CM20 1WG.

The plans for the Order follow a Cabinet meeting in July 2018 which agreed to consult with the public. The report included evidence gathered from previous consultations with residents and businesses in the Town Centre in January 2018 and incidents reported to the police, Harvey Centre and Water Gardens. The evidence gathered highlighted public concerns about the effects and risks to safety that antisocial behaviour has on the Town Centre and those who live and work there.

The issues that came up the most during the previous consultation period were dangerous cycling, antisocial behaviour and litter (both of which are covered by existing powers that the Council has, which include the Community Protection Notice protocol) and alcohol consumption/drug use, with nearly 74% of respondents stating that they felt the Town Centre was affected by these problems on a daily basis.

If the PSPOs are introduced they will be put in place for an initial three year period, after which time their impacts will be reviewed and the Council will decide on any extension or changes that should be made. The PSPOs will be enforced by issuing £80 fixed penalty notices. Failure to pay may lead to prosecution.