Ear Candling is therapy, and like Reiki, often raises many questions. People often ask if actual candles are used or are concerned about the flame and safety. They ask why would I have ear candling and what does it involve and what are acupressure points. To be honest even as a holistic therapist, before I learnt about Ear Candling I asked the same questions.

Firstly I’ll tell you about the candles and then what the treatment is like.

The name of this treatment itself can cause confusion. Wax candles are not used. They are a cone and there different types of ear candles/cones. I have independently chosen to use Otosan Candles/Cones. They come as a pair in sealed packaging, so they can be stored hygienically, they also have a number of safety features. There is a flame breaking ring so the flame automatically extinguishes at this point, a protective disc (like a small saucer with a hole) to protect the head and ear and a stop drop device inside the cone to prevent melted wax from the cone entering the ear canal.

The cones are approximately 8 – 10 “ long, made of 100% raw cotton, paraffin wax, beeswax and propolis. (Propolis is a natural substance produced by bees and is known for its healing properties).

This is a gentle and relaxing therapy, the client lays fully clothed on their side and a lit cone/candle is placed in the ear. It may take 8 – 12 minutes to burn down to the extinguishing line and both ears are treated. While the cone/candle is burning (when lit they look like a candle) you may hear a crackling or hissing sound. The movement and warmth of the flame along with the vibration of the air inside the cone can have a gentle massage effect on the eardrum, loosening impurities and some excessive ear wax.

After the ear candling the treatment is completed with the therapist pressing the acupressure points on the face and a little head massage. This can stimulate the body’s self-healing process, it can reduce tension, and help the body to relax. Acupressure points are key points on the surface of the skin,

So, why would you consider having the Ear Candling treatment? It can be effective in helping to relieve headaches, migraine, eye strain, sinus problems, ear aches, colds and tension in the neck and shoulders. It has been known to help with stress, tension headaches, snoring and ear pain due to flying and diving, and excessive wax. Our ears need wax to protect them, sometimes people produce too much and ear candling could help reduce the related conditions of excessive wax, such as blocked ears sensation, buzzing, whistling and ear noises. (Some of these symptoms may be caused for other reasons, so it’s best to have this confirmed by your doctor first

Many people suffer from pains in the ear when flying or diving. Ear candling can balance the pressure in the ears, a treatment up to 48hours before flying or diving would be recommended.

The treatment time is 45minutes and is always begun with a consultation, as with most therapies, there are some reasons why you may not be able to have ear candling. If you have an ear infection, had grommets inserted in the last 5 years, a perforated eardrum, a skin disease, deafness caused by nerve damage, or if the oil has been put into the ear within the last 24 hours. Generally, when a client calls regarding ear candling I ask these questions and may recommend a visit to their doctor to mention that they are considering having ear candle therapy and ask his advice.

Over the years another thing I have learnt with this therapy is that it can revitalise the chakras, (the 7 main energy centres in the body).  Naturally, this depends on your personal belief system.

Depending on individual needs, a course of treatment recommended would be of 3 treatments, with one being every 3–7 days. However, it may be that you find that one treatment may be suitable.

It is good to make an informed decision, and I hope I’ve been able to give you an insight into ear candling therapy.

Beverley Hanrahan IIHHT

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