Over the past month, we have learned that in terms of the virus, we are over the very worst and climbing down from the mountain peak – but coming down can be the hardest part.

For this reason, there have been some relaxations of the lockdown measures and many residents have returned to work and school.   However, it is still crucial that in order to beat the virus completely we must see that the infection rate lowers, we do not risk a second wave, the NHS is protected and there are the right levels of PPE, Testing and Tracing.

Once again, I give my huge thanks to our NHS and care workers in Harlow, our teachers and support staff, police and fire officers, security employees, delivery drivers, postmen and postwomen, bin collectors, shop workers, local media and many many more who have looked after us, informed us, protected us, delivered for us and ensured that we have had essential supplies.  Our volunteers, faith communities and charities too have shown the best of our town – as they have done everything possible to protect the vulnerable.  These workers and volunteers alike are true Harlow Corona heroes.

As your MP, I will continue to do all I can to help and inform Harlow and village residents.  That’s why, my team and I have been working around the clock to assist thousands of residents, businesses, key workers, our brilliant Princess Alexandra NHS hospital, care homes, sports clubs, pubs, charities and many more besides, to get the support they need through this difficult time.

I have been campaigning on the issues that matter to these individuals, and I am pleased that the Self-Employed Income Support scheme and the furlough scheme have now helped thousands of residents.  Bounce Back Loans and business grants have kept hundreds of businesses afloat and the £31m that has been given directly to Harlow Council from the Government has made a real difference to those in need.

Each and every day I am inspired by the incredible resolve of our community to beat this virus.  Harlow is an amazing place, with extraordinary reserves of kindness.  It is a place where people look out for one another and we will get through this together.

I wish every possible health and safety to you and your family and if there is anything I can do to support you, please do not hesitate to contact me.



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