If you like Psychological thrillers take a look at these page turners – Ideal holiday reading.

Gone Girl written by Gillian Flynn

gone-girlI haven’t seen the film yet but I’m now looking forward to it.  I much prefer to read the book first and get to really know the characters.  It’s a real page turner and quite scary really.  It’s about a couple Amy and Nick who have been married for five years but it’s all getting a bit stale.  All of a sudden on their fifth wedding anniversary Amy goes missing and from that point you are deliberately taken in several directions with plenty of red herrings.

Gone Girl is narrated alternately by Amy (beautiful, intelligent, and rich, perfectionist and control freak) and Nick, who starts off as a likeable guy, but is shown to be a less than perfect husband. Together they paint a picture of their relationship and its emerging cracks.  It was difficult to warm to either of the main characters throughout the book but its pace kept my interest.  It was, however,  very cleverly put together and kept me totally engrossed.  A brilliant Read.

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The Girl on the Train a gripping Thriller written by Paula Hawkins

girl-on-the-trainIf you enjoyed Gone Girl then you will enjoy this book.  It’s a skilfully written memory-loss thriller.

This book was a fantastic read and I really enjoyed it with its twists and turns that kept the story interesting and unpredictable  It had a little bit of everything betrayal love, sex, obsession, suspense.

Reading it became quite compulsive and I found it hard to put down.

The books is told by three different female characters, Rachel, Anna and Megan each of the women has their own particular issues and problems.

Who hasn’t looked out of the window of a car or commuter train and occasionally glimpsed a slice of someone’s life or wondered who lived in a particular house?  Rachel, the “girl on the train” is particularly driven by that impulse.

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Second Life  written by S.J. Watson

second-lifeThis new psychological thriller is written by the bestselling author of Before I Go to Sleep which was a massive success for the author.  This is the follow up.

The story is about Julia who is a middle class woman with a past, living in London with her adopted son and married to a surgeon she is obsessed with finding the identity of her sister’s killer, which leads her into the world of online dating to try and find out what happened to her sister.  At one point it made me seriously think about the internet and how little you can know people and how something fairly innocent can turn into something very sinister.  It was a very fast-paced and exciting psychological thriller.  I found myself racing through it each time I picked it up to see what was going to happen next in Julia’s life.  Excellent read.

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