Nameless is the latest crime thriller written by local author David John

Nameless - book cover


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The following is an extract from the book –

‘In desperation she began to shout for help and bang on the steel walls but everything just echoed round and round the nothingness chamber………..a loud noise behind her made her jump. It was a constant sound, like a motor of some kind, but she couldn’t be sure……….warily she walked towards the sound in the pitch blackness with her arms outstretched in front of her. Her hands found the ice cold wall again but there was something different about it, it was vibrating slightly, and it was moving. Her panic turned to horror when she realised: it was slowly moving towards her.

DI Rosemary Leach is used to dealing with the sicker side of life; rape, murder, violence; it comes with the job. But the events about to unfold take her down unfamiliar paths, paths that lead to the darkest of secrets; paths that lead to an evil, sadistic mind. Given the option she would not have walked those paths but she has no choice, fate has dictated that she must tread them, regardless where they lead.

She doesn’t always walk these paths alone, DS Jennifer Preston treads with her; aiding, questioning, befriending, protecting; but there are some paths she has no choice but walk by herself and one which she never thought she’d have to walk again, ever.

She had no idea that what started as a simple, long overdue arrest would be the beginning of a series of sickening events that would have her question her skills, her abilities, her resolve. But is there any connection between the events unfolding before her? Is this revenge or coincidence? Why the graffiti and what is its significance? More disturbingly: how many more must die before she understands?’


Unrelentingly suspense, unexpected plot twists and surprises, deftly crafted characters — these are the hallmarks of David John’s “Nameless”. Exceptionally well written and thoroughly entertaining, “Nameless” documents author David John as a novelist rich in imagination and endowed with impressive storytelling skills. “Nameless” is very highly recommended.

                                                                                                                                                                       Midwest Book Review, U.S.


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David JohnDavid John was born in London, England 1954 to a coalman father and a housewife mother. The second World War had been over for nine years and the capital was still trying to rebuild itself so, four years later when the opportunity arose for the family to move to the new town of Harlow in Essex, mum, dad and their three children up’d-sticks and went. David’s education was of comprehensive school level but was unfortunately cut short when he was fifteen by the early death of his father. As his older sister and brother had already married and moved on David was forced to leave school to care for his mother and effectively become the breadwinner.

David’s working life was varied and included being a cabinet maker; a gardener; a Poll Tax recovery officer; a maintenance operative and a ceiling erector. Outside of work he became a Martial Arts instructor and trained as a bodyguard. In 1997 he qualified as a masseur, specialising in the sports field.

David never had any interest in writing until 2012 when he put together a small book listing his and his wife’s holiday experiences in a small bay in Corfu called Kalami. This became quite popular for those frequenting the holiday spot and so David was prompted by others to attempt serious writing. A year later his first crime thriller, Sports Day, was published to very favourable reviews and, ten months after that, his second, Nameless, was published. In his own words; “Not bad for someone who’s never really read a crime thriller in his life!”