Dates of the live bands playing in the local pubs around Harlow, Sawbridgeworth, Bishop’s Stortford, Ware and Hoddesdon.

Some entertainment may be subject to change so please check with the venue first.


Live Music 2019

The Heart & Club

Pypers Hatch,
Harlow,  CM20 3NG

Sat 2nd Feb      Charlies Aunt

Sat 23rd Feb     The Elevators

Sat 27th Apr     Charlies Aunt

Sat 25th May    Charlies Aunt

Sat 8th Jun       The Elevators

Sat 3rd Aug      Charlies Aunt

Sat 2nd Nov      Charlies Aunt


The Three Horseshoes

Three Horseshoes Rd,
Harlow CM19 4HB

Tel:  01279 248542

Sat 2nd Mar     Fubar

Fri 22nd Mar    Juke

Fri 31st May     Juke

Sat 1st Jun        Fubar

Sat 3rd Aug      Fubar

Sat 5th Oct       Fubar

The Shark,

Hobtoe Road,
Colt Hatch,
Harlow, CM20 1TH

Tel:  01279 416297

Sat 19th Jan     Naked Apes

Sat 16th Mar    Fubar

Sat 23rd Mar    Charlies Aunt

Sat 6th Apr       Goat Patrol

Sat 25th May    Fubar

Sat 1st Jun        Naked Apes

Sat 15th Jun     Beat the Beast

Sat 29th Jun     Beggar

The Purple Emperor,

Burgoyne Hatch,
Momples Road,
Harlow, CM20 3EH

Tel:  01279 439375

Sat 19th Jan     The Rising

Sat 16th Feb     GladRagz

Fri 22nd Feb     Scam 69

Fri 1st Mar       Charlies Aunt

Sat 2nd Mar     The Rising

Sat 4th May      The Rising

Fri 31st May     Charlies Aunt

Sat 1st June      GladRagz

Burnt Mill Snooker & Social Club

Edinburgh Way,
Harlow CM20 2DQ

Tel: 01279 423174

Sat 20th Apr Risky Notes


Harlow Cricket Club,
Harlow,  CM17 0DJ

Tel:  01279 423582

Fri 11th Jan      Jimmy C and the Bluesdragons

Fri 25th Jan      Atila (Jazz)

Fri 8th Feb        Gentleman Tim and the Contenders

Fri 22nd Feb     Art Therman and Henry Lowther Jazz quintet

Fri 15th Mar     Doc K’s Blues Band

Fri 29th Mar     Derek Nash Jazz Quartet

Fri 12th Apr      Laura B and her Band

Harlow War Memorial Institute,

15 Garden Terrace Road,
Essex CM17 OAT

Tel:  01279 866242

Sat 23rd Feb     Repertoire Dogs

Sat 2nd Mar     Charlies Aunt

Sat 9th Mar      GladRagz

Sat 6th Apr       Cadence

The Essex Skipper

The Stow, Harlow CM20 3AS
Tel: 01279 434218

Fri 1st Feb        Saviours

Fri 19th Apr      Saviours

Sat 27th Apr     Cheap thrills

Fri 5th Jul         Saviours

Sat 7th Sep       Cheap Thrills

Fri 4th Oct        Saviours

Fri 6th Dec        Saviours

Paringdon Sports & Social Club

Paringdon Road,
Harlow, CM19 4QT

Tel:  01279 418411

Sat 2nd Feb      Repertoire Dogs

Sat 8th Jun       Repertoire Dogs

Fri 27th Aug     Triple X
Sat 14th Sep     Repertoire Dogs

Sat 9th Nov      Repertoire Dogs

The Cock Inn,

Cock Green,
Three Horseshoes Road,
Harlow, CM19 4HB

Tel:  01279 423921

Fri 26th Apr      Just Kiddin

Fri 3rd May       Fubar

Fri 5th Jul         Fubar

Fri 2nd Aug       Adrenalin

Fri 25th Oct      Fubar

Fri 29th Nov     Just Kiddin

Fri 6th Dec        Fubar

The Crown,

40, Market Street,
Old Harlow CM17 0AQ

Tel: 01279 808969

Sat 12th Jan     Adrenalin

Sat 19th Jan     Ultimate Party Duo

Sat 26th Jan     The Undercovers

Sat 2nd Feb      Fast On The Draw

Sun 3rd Feb      Cadence

Sat 16th Feb     Illicit

Sat 6th Apr       Adrenalin

The Gate,

81, London Road,
Herts CM21 9JJ

Tel:  01279 722313

Sat 26th Jan     The Stolians

Sat 23rd Feb     The Stolians

Sat 9th Mar      The Stolians

Sat 13th Apr     The Stolians

Sat 11th May    The Stolians

Sat 8th Jun       The Stolians

Sat 13th Jul      The Stolians

The Marne Inn,

Thorley Park Centre,
Bishops Stortford,
Herts CM23 4EG

Tel:  01279 652101

Sat 2nd Mar     Goat Patrol

Sat 4th May      Repertoire Dogs

Sat 15th Jun     Mr Spankey and the Hipthrusters

Sat 5th Oct       Goat Patrol

Sat 30th Nov    Mr Spankey and the Hipthrusters

Sat 14th Dec     Repertoire Dogs

The Rose & Crown,

16, Station Road,
Bishops Stortford,
Herts CM23 3BL

Tel:  01279 652515

Fri 1st Feb        The Great Choon Robbery

Sat 2nd Feb      Tribe

Sat 2nd Mar     Yellowhouse

Fri 5th Apr        The Great Choon Robbery

Sat 13th Apr     Repertoire Dogs

Sat 20th Apr     Fubar

Sat 27th Apr     Tribe

Sat 22nd Jun     Yellowhouse

The Cock Inn,

2, Stansted Road,
Bishops Stortford,
Herts CM23 2DX

Tel:  07776203842

Sat 12th Jan     Repertoire Dogs

Sat 23rd Feb     Guilty Pleasures

Sat 2nd Mar     The Four Blokes

Sat 23rd Mar    The 2FBS

Sat 18th May    Repertoire Dogs

Sat 25th May    Guilty Pleasures

Sat 8th Jun       Fubar

Sat 22nd Jun     The 2FBS

The Half Moon,

31 North Street,
Bishops Stortford,|
Herts, CM23 2LD

Tel:  01279 834500

Fri 18th Jan      Jumble of Chords

Fri 12th Jul       Guilty Pleasures

The White Swan,

Hoddesdon High Street,
Herts EN11 8TN

Tel:  01992 442533

Sat 26th Jan     Cheap Thrills

Sat 16th Mar    The Elevators

Sat 1st Jun        Adrenalin

Sat 27th Jul      The Elevators

The George III,

8 High Street,
Herts EN11 8SX

Fri 25th Jan      Tennessee boogie bos

Fri 8th Mar       The Elevators

Sat 23rd Mar    Repertoire Dogs

Sat 30th Mar    Cheap thrills

Fri 26th Apr      Charlies Aunt

Fri 17th May   Sahara

Sat 8th Jun       Tennessee boogie boys

Sat 15th Jun     Just Kiddin

Fri 21st Jun       Rock Dinosaurs

Sat 31st Aug     Charlies Aunt

The Woodbine Inn,

Honey Lane,
Waltham Abbey, EN9 3QT
Tel: 01992 713050

Sat 9th Feb       Rock Dinosaurs

Sat 13th April   Rock Dinosaurs

Sat 20 Jul        Rock Dinosaurs

Sat 21 Sept     Rock Dinosaurs

Sat 14th Dec     Rock Dinosaurs