Mark Ward is a local author who has now written 3 books True Colours, The Marguerite Effect and The Blue Angels.

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True Colours (2012)


This is a collection of seven short stories. There is no overarching theme, but all have a twist and most lean toward the supernatural or the unexpected.

5*        Just read this short story [“A Streetlight Named Desire”] and I could not put it down. (P.)

4*        A choice of well written short stories (John)

Buy this book on Amazon for £1.30 here True Colours – A Collection of Short Fiction


The Marguerite Effect (2012)


While daydreaming in the sun over dinner, Professor Chris Aitken realises that the wine recommended by wine waitress “Marguerite” has unique properties. When Marguerite vanishes with the only sample of the wine, Chris calls on his former protégé Philippe for help. Together they uncover a plan so audacious that an alien government is willing to consider unthinkable sanctions to prevent it.

5*        Is Mark Ward the next William Gibson? (JJ)

4*        If you like science fiction thrillers, this is for you… (P.)

4*        Pretty solid first Novel by an author with a future (Amazon Customer)

4*        For a first novel this was excellent, quite the page turner. I look forward to the next if there is one. (James Stevenson)

4*        Ecological message wrapped in sci-fi (Woody)

Buy this book on Amazon for £1.92 here The Marguerite Effect


The Blue Angels (2014)


To Milton Styles, the lights that have begun to accompany natural disasters offer hope that his family might still be alive. To Joshua Hayle, they are harbingers of the apocalypse upon which his Texan church is based. When Milton’s quiet, grief-stricken world collides with Hayle’s, the two men become locked into a battle for the truth. Who is right, and will either survive to reap the rewards?

Contains adult content

Buy this book on Amazon for £1.86 here The Blue Angels