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Children are being left to a Wild West of exclusions.


There are too many pupils in alternative provision who shouldn’t be there – and those who are there aren’t receiving the right support or the early intervention needed to make a difference to their lives.

Read more about the inquiry into #AlternativeProvision I led with the Education Select Committee on the New Statesman…/forgotten-children-our-educa…

Blog by Rob Halfon

Excluded pupils

With the Education Select Committee, I recently released a report on excluded pupils.

There are too many forgotten children – and the losing out are often from families with the greatest need.

We’re calling for a Bill of Rights for parents so they know what they’re to expect if a pupil is removed from mainstream lessons.


Blog by Rob Halfon


Fuel prices

Fuel prices

About £145 million in savings have been denied to drivers in the last month because fuel retailers haven’t passed on cuts in wholesale prices.

The price of fuel impacts on every part of our economy but oil companies are making unfair profits in a market without competition.

Along with Fair Fuel UK Campaign, I’m calling for a fully-blown independent inquiry into fuel pricing.


By Rob Halfon

The Conservative Government introduced the National Living Wage, cut taxes for over 30 million people, introduced free childcare and implemented a modern Industrial Strategy to create better, higher-paying jobs. (more…)

By Rob Halfon


The next stage of development is now underway with an exhibition of the next round of proposals. Some of these proposals are out for consultation, in particular on the subject of noise reduction. (more…)

by Rob Halfon

The Department for Transport and Jo Johnson, Transport Minister, are investing more in digital technology so that it becomes commonplace on the rail network.

Read about the plans in the Minister’s letter below.



Last Friday, I was honoured to officially open the new door and reception area at The Princess Alexandra Hospital. (more…)

By Rob Halfon

This week, the Education Committee (which I chair) and the Health and Social Care Committee launched our joint report on children’s mental health. (more…)

By Rob Halfon

Yesterday we debated #NursingBursaries in the Chamber, following reports of a decline in nursing applications this year. (more…)

John Glen, Economic Secretary to the HM Treasury, sent me this letter about the work the Government is doing to tackle illegal money lending. (more…)

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