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Did you know that since 2014 you can enjoy over 100 e-magazines online, completely free of charge.

Beautiful apartment for holiday rent situated on a 5 star resort with amazing facilities. Located 29 km from Malaga Airport in Spain.  Although on a 5 star resort this apartment is privately rented so very good value for money.


How to choose perfume? Discover how to pick the right scent every time. Floral to oriental, for yourself or a friend – our easy guide explains it all.



I have recently stumbled across this website Everything 5 Pounds which is a retail store that sells all of its items for £5 each! It’s such good value for money I don’t know how they can do it. (more…)


Hydas Shoulder and Neck Heating Pad

heated-wrapAnother one of my most recent, favourite purchases, is my Heated neck and shoulder pad.  It is absolute heaven and certainly decreases the chronic pain in my neck and shoulders. I highly recommend this product to anyone else suffering pain in these areas. (more…)

Panasonic EW-DJ10 Travel Oral Irrigator irrigatorOn a recent visit to the dentist she recommended I use an oral water irrigator as I really can’t get on with dental floss and don’t like the vibration of an electric tooth brush (weird I know). (more…)


When we hire a car in Europe we always take out our own independent excess insurance which gives us that added peace of mind if the car gets damaged, stolen or we have an accident. (more…)

U want me 3 kill him and Compliance are two psychological thrillers that we have watched recently that were both based on true stories.  Both are shocking and disturbing. (more…)

We visited Scott’s Grotto in Ware with the grandkids today which the kids loved. The Grotto consists of six underground chambers linked by passageways and air tunnels. It is decorated with thousands of beautiful shells, flints and pieces of coloured glass and extends 67ft (20m) into a chalk hillside. (more…)

After reading an article in the Daily Mail recently about a woman who lost 4st using a hypnosis app on her phone and reading some reviews on mums net then researching a bit  more on the internet about The virtual gastric band I decided to splash out the £4.99 and give it a try myself. There are also several articles on the internet where some people go to a hypnotist but those sessions can cost as much as £300. (more…)

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