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The History of ‘The Marquis of Granby’ … Konfusion.

Written by Jamie Fowler

Ok, so today I was invited in to have a look around the Marquis of Granby and using the front door was quite novel for me as this isn’t my usual way of entering these kinds of places.  Before I start I’d just like to quash any rumours of it being turned into an Indian restaurant, a block of flats or worse, it being demolished. It’s going to remain as a bar but it’s going to be vamped up somewhat. (more…)

The Harvey Centre in Harlow is delighted to announce that Sticky Sisters, a new fast-casual dining experience, is coming to The Terrace this December. (more…)

This is the timetable for all the clinics held across Harlow (more…)


Harlowsave Credit Union provides straightforward, affordable and accessible financial services including loans, savings and money management schemes. (more…)

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