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By Jake Shepherd (Jake.Shepherd.2016(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)rhul.ac.uk)

Telling the New Town Story: a study of Harlow’s 40th & 70th Commemorations”

My name is Jake Shepherd and I’m currently a geography undergraduate at Royal Holloway, University of London. Harlow is my hometown, and so whilst this project is personal I also want the process and the results to be engaged with by more than just a handful of people.

I want to draw local residents’ attention to the theme of my dissertation and a website (www.retelling.co.uk) which aims to complement my research by (Re)Tracing, (Re)Showing and (Re)Telling the process as it unfolds.

In a nutshell, my project takes the 40th & 70th-anniversary commemorations of Harlow and compares them in order to discover how the commemoration of the town’s past has changed, specifically the process in which the town’s history has been told and re-told.

On the website, you can read about the aims of my dissertation in more detail, but more importantly, I want residents to get involved in a range of ways. The website is by no means a substitute for my dissertation, instead, it is something separate which sets out to fulfil the additional aims I have envisaged for my dissertation.

You can also contribute in a separate way through one or more of the following ways:

  • Do you know or possess any archival material (documents, photos, leaflets, memorabilia) from Harlow’s 40th Anniversary Celebrations? Would I be able to view, borrow or take copies of any items?
  • Were you one of the key figures who organised or contributed to the 40th-anniversary celebrations? Please feel free to get in contact with me if you wish, it would be greatly appreciated.`
  • Would you like to participate in an interview at a later date (July – September), about your experience of the 40th Anniversary Celebrations, either as an organiser or as someone who took part in any of the events?

Thank you for taking the time to read about my dissertation project and remember to check out www.retelling.co.uk, and to spread the word about this worthwhile and genuinely interesting project!



The History of ‘The Marquis of Granby’ … Konfusion.

Written by Jamie Fowler

Ok, so today I was invited in to have a look around the Marquis of Granby and using the front door was quite novel for me as this isn’t my usual way of entering these kinds of places.  Before I start I’d just like to quash any rumours of it being turned into an Indian restaurant, a block of flats or worse, it being demolished. It’s going to remain as a bar but it’s going to be vamped up somewhat. (more…)

The Harvey Centre in Harlow is delighted to announce that Sticky Sisters, a new fast-casual dining experience, is coming to The Terrace this December. (more…)

This is the timetable for all the clinics held across Harlow (more…)


Harlowsave Credit Union provides straightforward, affordable and accessible financial services including loans, savings and money management schemes. (more…)

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