Hello, I would like to introduce myself to you as I will be writing a regular blog on this site about the holistic natural therapies I practice. These include Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Ear Candling, Reiki and Gentle Body Massage.

Over the years I have had new clients visit who have felt nervous or curious about the unknown. I’d like the opportunity of using this blog to change that. By telling you a little about myself, my treatment room and briefly about the therapies I offer.

My name is Beverley and I am 57 years old. I have been qualified for 10 years and work from a treatment room in my home. I started up at a time in my life when some of the children were growing up and moving on, so leaving me with a spare room. I used this opportunity to change it into a treatment room.

I wanted to create a relaxing atmosphere where clients could escape the fast pace and pressures of life. So, I would describe the room as tranquil, peaceful and restful. I love doing these treatments, it is wonderful to help a client escape for a while and help them to relax. Strangely enough, it is equally relaxing to give a treatment and often, I think there is a feeling of peace in the treatment room. Some people like to chat during a treatment and that’s fine and others like to drift away that’s also fine.

All these treatments are relaxing to receive and can be good for the mind and body. They can bring the body back into balance so putting it in the best place to begin to heal itself. Many experience a feeling of wellbeing and have had great benefits from them.

All treatments initially start with a consultation, the first one may take 10 – 15 minutes or longer. Then on each subsequent treatment, a note of any changes are taken.

After the treatment, I offer aftercare advice for clients to achieve the most from their treatment. This will include advice such as

• Drinking plenty of water to help flush out toxins.

• Avoid strenuous exercise for a couple of hours.

• Avoiding a heavy meal and alcohol straight after the treatment.

Sometimes I discuss some reflex points to work on the hands so the client can work on themselves in-between treatments, should they choose to.

I don’t and can’t claim to cure or diagnose any medical conditions and I am not a medical professional. However, I understand the importance of bringing the body back into balance and how beneficial it is to the mind and body to relax, and some of my clients have had great benefits from having regular treatments.

If you have never had any of the treatments I offer and you are interested, yet feel nervous, you can call me for a chat or send an email I’m happy to explain more about them as I love talking about them. Equally, if you’d like to come along but are not happy coming alone for the first time, some of my clients have brought someone with them. I don’t have a waiting room, but if it’s not a massage I have room for someone to sit and be present.

Phone Beverley on: 01279 302303/07977610590

A brief summary of the treatments I offer:


Mapped out on your feet are reflex points which correspond to every organ and part in your body. When you become unwell or stressed these points can become sensitive and sore to touch as toxins build up. By applying gentle pressure with fingers and thumbs congestion and toxins can be released bringing the body back into balance and harmony.

Indian Head Massage

This treatment involves massaging the skin of the shoulders, upper arms, neck and scalp. It is done with the client in a sitting position, is very relaxing and helps with tension and improving the circulation and boosting the immune system.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key)

Reiki involves the client lying or sitting fully clothed, energy is then channelled through the therapist to the client, either with hands on or above the client. The client may have different experiences during the treatment. Some feel heat, or waves of energy, tingling, a cooling effect and some see colours and it is very relaxing. The intention is to balance your energy system and to put your body into the best position to begin to heal itself on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Ear candling

Actual candles are not used for this treatment, they are a long cone shape made from cotton, beeswax and Propolis. One end is placed into the ear, the other end is lit. The flame causes vibration of warm air in the candle and gently massages the eardrum, loosening and absorbing some residue from the ear. This is a relaxing treatment, finished with facial acupressure and a little head massage.


A slow rhythmical massage, this can help to tone and relax muscles, helping with aching and stiffness. Improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. A great opportunity to unwind and let go of the stresses of the day.

Hot Stone Massage

This treatment combines hot stones, balancing the chakras using crystals and massage. A deeply relaxing massage. It has all the benefits of massage with the stones reaching muscle fibres at a deeper level.