Drop in sessions for girls aged 11-18


The Butterfly Project

Butterfly helps to build the self-esteem and confidence of girls and young women, in addition to raising aspirations and providing education about relationships and sex.

The Rainbow Centre,

2 Wych Elm,

Harlow, CM20 1QP

4 pm – 6 pm –  Thursdays 17th, 24th January and 1st February 2019

 Fancy a Chat?

We are here from 4 pm – 6 pm and are here to chat about any subject you want to talk about.


Everyone has questions, but we don’t always know who to ask.  Our fabulous, friendly team can help find answers.


Worried about your health?  We can signpost you to places that can support you in all different ways.


Confused about who you are or where you fit in?  Come and talk to us and we can help you think about it clearly in a safe place.

 Drugs and Alcohol

Worried about drugs or alcohol?  Are you being pressured into taking something? Come talk to us.


Friendships can sometimes be hard.  We can help you to think about better ways of getting along and making new friends.

Email:  nikki@thegifted.org.uk

Call:  01992 623 888

Website:  https://www.thegifted.org.uk/our-programmes/